eMpTy Minds Radio #402 (09-28-2018)

Well, now, I’ll tell you. If these here white dentists had been as easy on my teeth as the Injuns were on my hair I’d be a whole man yet! An’ speakin’ of scalpin’, I guess you don’t realize that the Injuns wasn’t the only ones that did that. There was some white men that scalped too! Meaner than a hydophoby skunk they was! Thought the Injuns was jest painted savages, when the truth was the Injuns was a heap more civilized then them! Take the Nez Perce Injuns fer instance, out in Idaho, an’ Montana, an’ Washington an’ Oregon. They could hev give the white men plenty of points on decency – if the white men had had the gumption to know it! Now, that is some strange ass shit! For something deranged, but not fucked up…it’s EMR, episode 4-0-2. Enjoy!


Hey, listen, soldier boy. I know what
_you’re feeling. You’re feeling all
_alone, and you’re feeling blue. You

_need some company — someone 

_you can talk to. Well, Sunny, that is

_me. I’ll be there for you. I’ll be your

_pin-up girl. Put me in your locker or
_hang me overheard. Anywhere that’s
_right. Let me be your pin-up girl.
_You be my sweet talker. Hey, 
_soldier boy, let me be your pin-up
_girl tonight. I’ll dress up just for 
_you — any way you like it. And 
_here’s a southern view, just to 
_make you smile. I’ll wear a bath-
_ing suit — all the latest fashion. And
_be your substitute for a little while.
_Let me be your pin up girl. You be
_my sweet talker.

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