eMpTy Minds Radio #401 (09-21-2018)

Hi. You know, there’s an old saying, “never look a gift horse in the mouth?” With tongue in cheek, I now write me a new saying; “never look a gift blonde in the eyes”. She was blonde ’cause her hair told me so. That was the only proof I had. She didn’t walk, she insinuated. She was from New Orleans and her name was Lou and believe me, brother, Lou was no lady. When I saw her I said to myself, “I dig this babe.” She almost dug me too – right into a grave. Alright…let’s here it for Lou, ladies and gentlemen.  Tonight’s femme fatale. Something you won’t get a whole lot of in EMR episode 4-0-1, so we figured we would just get it out of the way right up front. Enjoy!


Candy apple on a stick makes me
_sick. Makes my heart beat two-four-
_six. Not be
cause you’re dirty. Not 
because you’re clean. Just ’cause
_you kissed a boy behind a mag-

azine. Girls, girls, wanna have
_some fun? Here comes Suzi with
_her hoop skirt on. She can wibble.
_She can wobble. She can do the splits.
_But I betcha ten dollars she can’t
_do this – close your eyes and count
_to ten. If you miss, you start again.
_Candy apple on a stick makes me
_sick. Makes my heart beat two-four-
_six. Not because you’re dirty. Not
_because you’re clean. Just ’cause
_you kissed a boy behind a magazine.

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