eMpTy Minds Radio #396 (08-10-2018)

The “Harbor Lights!” Once again we go aboard the old New York ferry-boat, to meet white-haired Captain Jimmy Norton and his young friend Joe, and hear another of the captain’s famous stories of the days of the clipper-ships and high adventure. All aboard! Of course, Captain Norton was always “all aboard” young Joe, any chance he got. As their days at sea dragged on, The Captain became more bold and Joe tried harder and harder to steer clear of the salty old dog. For the “below decks access” was no longer happening just below decks. It had become a beacon of lewdness for all to see.  Welcome to EMR, where we would never allow that kind of shit to happen. Enjoy episode 3-9-6.


I wouldn’t give a bean to be a
_fancy-pants Marine. I’d rather
_be a dog-face soldier, like I am.
_I wouldn’t trade my old OD’s for
_all the Navy’s dungarees, for
_I’m the walking pride of Uncle
_Sam. On Army posters that I
_read, it says “be all that you
_can.” So, they’re tearing me 
_down to build me over again. 
_I’m just a dog face soldier with
_a rifle on my shoulder and I 

_eat Kraut for breakfast e’ry
_day. So, feed me ammunition.
_Keep me in Third Division. Your
_dog face soldier boy is A-Ok.
_So, feed me ammunition.
_Keep me in Third Division. Your
dog face soldier boy is A-Ok.

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