eMpTy Minds Radio #389 (06-22-2018)

Once again we go aboard the old New York ferry-boat, to meet white-haired Captain Jimmy Norton and his young friend Joe, and hear another of the captain’s famous stories of the days of the clipper-ships and high adventure. All aboard! Oh, fuck yeah…that’s what we’re all about here at EMR — clipper ships. If that’s your gig, kindly look elsewhere. This is episode #389. Enjoy!


She’s the kind of girl you think
_about in bed. Blow Job Betty
_givin’ real good head. Bust a 
_left nut, right nut in her jaw.
_Sperm on her cheeks is all ya
_saw. She could blow more head
_than a whale blows water. Blow
_Job Betty make your dick get
_harder. She’s a one of a kind, a
_hell of a girl. A trip and a half
_around the world. Catch her
_gettin’ busy, bitch wouldn’t 

_stop. She’s the kind of girl
_that’ll make your toes pop.
_Like any other tramp, she 
_loved to fuck, with any mother-
_fucker got nuts to suck. Blow
_Job Betty was dumb. A fiend
_for a fuck and a mouth full of

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