eMpTy Minds Radio #388 (06-14-2018)

Red Mesa. A little town springing out of the hot, dry, prairie beside the Chisolm Trail. A saloon, a hotel, and two general stores, and a tiny church where the decent citizenry might pray for salvation while a wilder element — trail driver, and teamster, and buffalo hunter — restlessly searched out friend and enemy along the dusty main street. A small hill rose on the western edge of Red Mesa, plagued with a rash of graves. Some marked and cared for, others sinking and forgotten. Hey! Who changed the channel? We at EMR don’t give a flying fuck about Jism Trail. There are more important matters to attend to. This is episode 3-8-8. Enjoy!


Rowboat, row me to shore. She 
_don’t wanna be my friend no 
_more. She dug a hole in the 
_bottom of my soul. She don’t
_wanna be my friend no more.
_Pick me up, gimme some food
_to eat. In your truck goin’ no
_place. I’ll be home talkin’ to
_nobody. You’ll be strange, you’ll
_be far away. Big fat moon and
_my body’s out of tune. With the
_burnin’ waves, she’s a billion 

_years away. Dog food on the
_floor and I been like this be-
_fore. She is all and everything
_else is small. Pick me up. Gimme
_some alcohol. In your truck, 
_playin’ the radio. I’ll be home 
_with the gasoline. You’ll be 
_Stoned. You’ll be far away.

– Pistol Whipper Delivers Shitty Letter
– We Wanna Be Your Sledgehammer
– She Fell Off A Seawall While Taking Selfies By The Seashore
– Swing-set Repurposed
– And a whole lot more

– Offspring of Fame Digs Violence

– Slash, Apparently Still Makes A Shitload of Cash
– Bono, Martin, Glover
– The Ticker Flashback
– Birthdays, What We 
Watched + tons more

– Jerry tackles Funny Amazon Reviews
– Jerry’s Happy Note
– An impromptu Minnesota Vice
– So much more, your head will spin!