eMpTy Minds Radio #383 (05-11-2018)

This is the story of a young man who married a girl who has nothing in life except her own beauty — neither education nor background nor any real contact with the world. Her name was Amanda Dyke until Edward Leighton, a handsome young Southerner who lives in a mansion on the hill, married her and took her away from her strict father, who kept her close in their Virginia valley. This is the strange story of Edward and Amanda who now, in spite of the hatreds of both their families, seek happiness on Honeymoon Hill in Virginia, in a world that few Americans know. Yeah…that’s what this is about. Keep telling yourself that.  We call it EMR and it’s episode three-hundred-eighty-three. Enjoy!


They paved paradise; put up a 
_parking lot. With a pink hotel,
_a boutique and a swinging hot
_spot. Don’t it always seem to go
_that you don’t what you’ve got
_’til it’s gone. They paved para-
_dise; put up a parking lot. They
_took all the trees and put them
_in a tree museum. Then they
_charged the people a dollar and
_a half just to seem ’em. Don’t it
_always seem to go that you don’t
_know what you’ve got ’til it’s 
_gone. They paved paradise; put
_up a parking lot. Oh yeah…they
_paved paradise; put up a parking

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