eMpTy Minds Radio #382 (05-04-2018)

But a-don’t a-worry, Momma Mia. It’s not a-hurt me too much. Only when I’m a-crack nuts. It’s a-feel like I’m got a little hole in my tooth. So I’m a try to stuff it up with a-chewing gum. Must a-be something wrong, because everybody is a-yell at me to stop a-chewing. Even a-this morning I’m a-pass the phonograph store and I’m a-hear somebody hollar, “Luigi, drop a-that gum.” Well, it’s a-time a-now to go to my night school class, and I’m a-gonna ask my teacher Miss Spaulding – maybe she can tell me what I can a-do for my toothache. Good luck with that, Dickweed! Meanwhile, in the land of reality — this is EMR, episode three-eighty-two. Enjoy!


Bye bye, baby…it’s been a sweet
_love; though this feeling I can’t
_change. But please don’t take it
_so badly, ’cause Lord knows I’m 
_to blame. But if I stayed here
_with you, girl, things just
_couldn’t be the same. ‘Cause
_I’m as free as a bird now. And
_this bird you’ll never change.
_And this bird you cannot change.
_And this bird you cannot change.
_Lord knows I can’t change. Lord
_knows I can’t change. Lord, help
_me I can’t change. Lord, I can’t
_change. Lord, I can’t change.
_Won’t you fly high, Free Bird,

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