eMpTy Minds Radio #377 (03-30-2018)

The Columbia Broadcasting System presents “Close-Ups,” the first in a series of adventures of an independent motion picture company. The star system has always been a costly one for independent producers, and Max Cohen, a kindly but excitable producer, conceives a brilliant scheme to avoid using high-priced stars. His plan is to hire the best director available, secure the best stories, and create stars out of two good-looking extras. He hires John Herr, famous Hollywood director, his able assistant Eddie, an ace cameraman, Hank, and then chooses from the ranks of extra players a girl named Gwendolyn D’Arcy and a leading man named Mortimer Willoughby. Fuck these cheap pricks! This is EMR. Incidentally, episode 3-7-7, if you hadn’t noticed. Enjoy!


I’ve gotta lotta nerve a. Gotta
_lotta do, do, do. You got it.
_You got it. Gotta lotta nerve
_a. You, you, you gotta lotta
_nerve a. Oh no, stop bitching
_indiscretion. You’re such an A1
_lover. Since when are you per-
_fection. Never true blue to me,
_so why are you getting nasty?
_Well, it’s lucky for you that I’m
_gonna keep dancing. Oh, I know.
_Everyone you know is perfect,
_perfect. Everything you do is
_perfect, perfect. Everywhere
_you go is perfect, perfect. So
_on, so on. But you gotta lotta
_nerve when you talk about love.
_If you gotta lotta nerve, we can
_talk about love. Oh you gotta
_lotta nerve a.

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