eMpTy Minds Radio #375 (03-16-2018)

Three hundred and twenty-five days out of the year moonlight to me is just the reflected light of the sun, a light interesting only in that it may be analysed spectroscopically…But these thirty days of our vacation, Diane.. What a magical change! It’s a soft, lovers’ moon…hanging in the heavens only to brighten your loveliness…Have you lost your cookies yet? We have, and the only way to get those cookies back is to listen to some EMR. This is episode three-seventy-five. Please enjoy!


I looked in the mirror today,
_my eyes just didn’t seem so
_bright. I’ve lost a few more
_hairs. I think I’m going bald.

_I think I’m going bald. Seems
_like only yesterday we would
_sit and talk of dreams all night.
_Dreams of youth and simple
_truths, now we’re so involved.
_So involved with life. Walk
_down Vanity Fair, memory lane
_everywhere. Wall Street
_shuffles there, dressed in flow-
_ing hair. Once we loved the
_flowers, now we ask the price
_of the land. Once we would
_take water, but now it must be

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