eMpTy Minds Radio #371 (02-16-2018)

Man is the superior animal, endowed with intellect and instinct. But there comes a time when all that man can do is done – when all that he can say is said – and like a grain of sand he lies exposed in the palm – of the BIG HAND. ABC, in cooperation with the editors of SAGA, the true adventure magazine for men, brings you to the threshold of a man’s destiny at the moment when the line of fate in many hands intersect – that moment when the final answer lies only in the line of fate – in the palm of – THE BIG HAND! Blah, Blah, Blah…Big Hand, Go fuck yourself. This is EMR episode three-seventy-one. Enjoy!


The barley heaps upon the
_floor, the product of the plow.
_Which makes the Whipmen
_drink about; here is a health

_to you: through frost and snow,
_they drive away, and nothing
_can come wrong. When once his
_spirit’s quickened with liquor
_good and strong. The whipman
_lad is seldom sad when health
_is full abound. And never rests
_full satisfied, until this year is
_crowned. His labor calls him
_forth to field, where he enjoys
_the air. Where he exerts his
_craft and skill, the earth still
_to prepare.

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