eMpTy Minds Radio #370 (02-09-2018)

Lola sat down and crossed her legs at me. On her left knee, where I would have preferred to see a dimple, I saw a tattoo mark. Her gentleman friend Marty was a small, stocky guy — all teeth and New York tie. He shook hands all around and it felt like the paw of a stale stiff. He turned on the radio. eMpTy Minds. The all out assault on stupidity and bullshit, or so he claimed. A weight lifted. We all let out a sigh. Episode three-seventy saved us all that night.


I was out on the West Coast
_tryin’ to make a buck. And
_things didn’t work out, I was 
_down on my luck. Got tired of

_roamin’ and bummin’ around, so
_I started thumbin’ back East
_toward my home town. I was
_hungry and freezin’, done caught
_a chill, when the lights of a big
_semi topped the hill. At the
_wheel sit a big man, he weighed
_about two-ten. He stuck out his
_hand and said with a grin “Big
_Joe’s the name.” I told him mine.
_And he said “The name of my rig
_is Phantom 309.

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