eMpTy Minds Radio #366 (01-12-2018)

Welcome again to Ivy. Ivy College that is. In the little town of Ivy, USA. For many families breakfast is a small pandemonium filled with the clatter of cups, the confusion of tongues, desperate last gulps of scorching coffee and the mad dash to the bus station. But for Doctor William Todhunter Hall, president of Ivy, and his wife, Victoria, it’s usually an unruffled few moments put aside for their private lives. This morning, for instance, Victoria is arranging a bowl of flowers on the table while Doctor Hall is thoughtfully staring at a highly polished spoon. It won’t be polished for long though. See, Doctor Hall is about to shove that highly polished spoon straight up his ass! It’s EMR time, motherfuckers. This is episode three-hundred-sixty-six. Enjoy!


If you ever plan to motor west,
_travel my way, take the highway,
_that is best. Get your kicks on
_Route 66. It winds from Chicago

_to LA, more than 2000 miles all
_the way. Get your kicks on Route
_66. Now, you go through Saint
_Looey, Joplin, Missouri and
_Oklahoma City is mighty pretty.
_You see Amarillo, Gallup, New
_Mexico, Flagstaff, Arizona, don’t
_forget Winona, Kingman, Barstow,
_San Bernardino, Won’t you get hip
_to this timely tip? When you make
_that California trip, get your kicks
_on Route 66. Won’t you get hip to
_this timely tip? Get your kicks on
_Route 66. Won’t you get hip to this
_timely tip? Get your kicks on Route

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