eMpTy Minds Radio #361 (12-08-2017)

He found himself working the desk again. He swore he would never be here again…working the desk, on Christmas Eve. He didn’t really have a family to be home with; not any more. But still he felt like anywhere would be better than here. Homicide…on Christmas Eve. It could lead a man to a life of drinking he thought. Then he chuckled. “Lead a man…” he said to himself. “Done that.” He glanced up at the caged clock on the wall. Five minutes after ten p.m. EMR was playing on his desktop radio. It was episode three-sixty-one. Tonight, he was the shift commander and little did he know that in less than an hour his life would be forever changed. Enjoy!


Here we come a-wassailing among
_the leaves so green. Here we 
_come a-wand’ring, so fair to be 
_seen. Love and joy come to you

_and to you your wassail too. And

_god bless you and send you a
_happy new year and god send you
_a happy new year. Our wassail cup
_is made of the rosemary tree, and
_so is your beer of the best barley.

_We are not daily beggars that beg 
_from door to door. But we are

_neighbors’ children, whom you
_have seen before. Love and joy
_come to you and you your wassail
_too. And god bless you and send you
_a happy new year

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