eMpTy Minds Radio #359 (11-24-2017)

Tonight, the Columbia Workshop offers the first radio presentation of the famous Irish folk play “The Well of the Saints.” As conceived by John Millington Synge, one of Ireland’s greatest dramatists, this delightful fantasy blending mysticism with humor, rich in the poetry and music of the Irish peasantry, provides an unusual opportunity for experimental presentation. The version you’re about to hear, while faithful to the original play, is freely adapted for the medium of radio drama. IF you’ve had enough that…how about a little EMR?  It’s episode three-fifty-nine, kids…and it’s a winner. Enjoy!


We’ve done thousands of things
_together. Feels like we’ve been
_friends forever. But there’s one
_thing I know you’ve never done.

_The time has come. I don’t 

_care about the weather. I’ll
_meet you there, whatever. 
_Fifty-four holes of putting 
_pleasure await. It’s a date. And
_I don’t know what your plans
_are, but I won’t take no for an
_answer. It might be minus five
_outisde, but my pants are plus
_fours. Thus forth. Who cares
_what we score? I’ve loved you

_lots before. But I’ve never 

_loved you more. A hole-in-one

_at fifty-four. And I don’t know 
_what your plans are, but I won’t
_take no for an answer. Yeah, I
_don’t know what your plans are,
_ but I won’t take no for answer.
_I won’t take no for an answer.
_No, I won’t take no…at fifty-
_four, fifty-four, fifty-four. No,
_I won’t take no for an answer.
_I don’t care what your plans are.
_I won’t take a no. Not at fifty-

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