eMpTy Minds Radio #358 (11-17-2017)

This story starts as so many others do – with a man, a knife, the pouring rain, a skipping record and a singular thought. Tonight’s episode of EMR Mystery Theater, performed live at he Paper Street Repertoire Theater by its renowned in-house cast, has been brought you by Sudso. Yes, Sudso…because some shit just won’t come out. AND Jolly Jerk-Off Brand Vegetables. Try our cream corn today! Nothing is creamier than our creamy cream corn. Okay, so…this is actually just a regular EMR episode…it’s number three-fifty-eight. Enjoy


The straight away. The loop de
_loop. An incline and a cement
_pond or two. A hot dog and a 
_soda, a pleasant summer day.

_A windmill’s blade comes 

_swooping down and smacks
_my ball the opposite way.
_Concrete here, metal rail 
_there, outdoor carpeting
_every where. Standing still,
_I’m pensive, not sure how 
_this can be. That six foot 
_plastic clown, I swear he’s
_laughing at me. Eighteen holes
_of madness, getting tougher

_one by one. I ponder just drop-

_ping the ball in, but then I’d 

_miss half the fun. All total, this
_course measure nearly a mile. A
_day of golfing fun, all done mini-
_ature style.

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