eMpTy Minds Radio #355 (Big Halloween Show)

My dear Mr. Otis, I feel it my bounden duty, as the present owner of Canterville Chase, to acquaint you and your family, as the prospective owners, with the facts. Your belief in them rests, quite naturally, with yourselves. In America, my lord, we have everything that money can buy. We have many of your best actors, your prima donnas, your plays, your novels, your works of art. Believe me, if there were such a thing as a ghost in Europe or England, we’d have it at home in one of our public museums or on the road, even in an EMR podcast. Spooky Spooky. This is 355. Happy Halloween!


Do you believe in magic, in a
_young girl’s heart? How the
_music can free her whenever
_it starts. And it’s magic if the

_music is groovy. It makes you

_feel happy like an old time
_movie. I’ll tell you about the
_magic, and it’ll free your soul.
_But it’s like trying to tell a
_stranger ’bout Rock N’ Roll.
_If you believe in magic, don’t
_bother to choose, if it’s jug
_band music or rhythm and  
_blues. Just go and listen, it’ll
_start with a smile

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