eMpTy Minds Radio #352 (10-06-2017)

The police whistle and the siren bring again for your entertainment one of the secret cases of the National Surety Company. Tonight’s story is based on a residence burglary that baffled detective Harkness until he became perplexed over an incidental phase of the case. But the detective will explain all this himself…another time…another place. Right now he is listening to EMR episode 352. Don’t you think you should be too? Enjoy!


Oh, twisted, under sideways
_down. I know you’re getting
_twisted and you can’t calm
_down. I see you under the

_midnight, love darts in your

_eyes. How far can you take it
_’til you realize, there’s magic
_in your eyes? I got a hold on
_you. I got a hold on you. I got
_a hold on you tonight. Oh oh
_it’s magic, when I’m with you.
_Just a little bit of magic pulls
_me through. I’ve got a hold on
_you I got a hold on you. I got
_a hold on you tonight. That’s
_right – it’s magic. Let’s try…it’s
_magic. Oh oh it’s magic. That’s
_true, it’s magic…when I’m
_with you

– That’s Doctor Sugar Daddy
– That’s Some Kind of Record, Asshole

– Don’t Flush Babies In Our Toilets

– A Landing For Jesus

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– Wonder Woman Says Shut The Fuck Up!

– The Gefs, Once Again, Coughs Up The Cash
– Hall, Petty, Low, Dreyfuss
– The Ticker Flashback
– Birthdays, What We 
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– A round of “This Quiz Is Either Impossible or Fucking Retarded!”
– A brand spankin’ new Analog Head-Trip
– So much more, your head will spin!