eMpTy Minds Radio #344 (08-10-2017)

Another in the series of Natural Bridge Romances–a series of dramatic sketches based on “Famous Loves”–is presented by the nation-wide distributors of Natural Bridge Arch Shoes for the smart feminine foot. These shoes are modern–fashionable–and retain the natural loveliness of dainty feet–naturally. Dealers of Natural Bridge Arch Shoes can fit almost any foot smartly, comfortably–and at very moderate expense. Their slogan is “Good to the foot–good to the eye–good to the pocketbook.” What the fuck? Did you all just see that? Some bizarre promo for strange shoes. The world is a messy place. All the more reason to keep tuned to EMR. This is episode 344. Enjoy! 


Now lay me down on Market
_Street. I’m begging for some
_spare change. A Coast Guard
_ship has been looking for me,

_and I might have to change 

_my name. Here comes Uncle
_Sam again with the same old
_bag of beans. The local chief’s
_on the radio, he’s got some
_hungry mouths to feed. Goin’
_back to Alcatraz.

– Speed Pissing
– Unmarked Helicopters…Hovering

– Armadillo -1, Texas Tard – 0

– City Done With “Wang” Business

– And a whole lot more

– Murray In Tears…of Joy

– The Curb-Cast
– Campbell, Letterman, Rollins
– The Ticker Flashback
– Birthdays, What We 
Watched + tons more

– EMR Presents: Toys of Doom!

– An all new Techin’ It Up The Ass
– So much more, your head will spin!