eMpTy Minds Radio #341 (07-21-2017)

The Free Company is a group of writers, actors, and radio workers who have come together voluntarily to present a series of plays about our basic liberties. We are unpaid, unsponsored, and uncontrolled. Just a group of Americans saying what we believe about this country and about freedom. Trying to say it by means of plays, just as the Bible parables or the anecdotes that Lincoln used to tell illustrate other truths by means of stories. We are NOT the Free Company. About all EMR has in common with them is – we tell the truth and we are unpaid. This is episode 341. Enjoy!


The surf was easy on the
_day I came to stay, on this
_quiet island in the bay. I 
_remember a line women 

_all in white, the laughter 

_and the steel bands at 
_night. Now the American’s
_are gone except for two.  
_The embassy’s been hard
_to reach. There’s been
_talk and lately a bit of 
_action after dark, behind
_the big casino on the beach.
_I know what happens. I 
_read the book. I believe I
_just got the goodbye look.
_Won’t you pour me a Cuban
Breeze, Gretchen?

– Hey, How ‘Bout Some Jizz?
– Have You Seen The Muffin Man?

– Hello, Police? Dumb-ass Here

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– Lee’s Place Cemented In Entertainment History
– Whittaker, Romero, Landau, Stallone
– The Ticker Flashback
– Birthdays, What We 
Watched + tons more

– Cinema PaulieDiso – [on life support]

– An all new Analog Head-Trip
– So much more, your head will spin!