eMpTy Minds Radio #325 (03-31-2017)

You walk the corridor to the room of the dead, through the swinging doors into a place without season, where all nights, all days are of equal length, where temperature is constant, where the wind is conditioned before it’s let flow over death. Walk up to the man who waits for you. . . “Hello” he says slyly. “Name’s Shit, Bull Shit.” You pin him against the wall. “EMR, Motherfucker!” you reply. He cowers in fear. This is episode 325, won’t you give it a listen?


Tall and tan and young and 
_lovely the Girl From 
_Ipanema goes walking. And
_when she passes, each one 
_she passes goes – ah. When

_she walks, she’s like a Samba

_that swings so cool and sways
_so gentle. That when she
_passes, each one she passes
_goes – ah. But he watch her
_so sadly. How can he tell her
_he loves her? Yes, I would 
_give my heart gladly, but
_each day that she walks to
_the sea, she looks straight
_ahead, and not at he

– Don’t Throw The Baby
– Pointy Robes…You Know, For
– Hopped Up On Candy

– There Is Unrest In The Forest…

– And a whole lot more

– Ready To Strike, Still Hurting From Last One

– ’84 All Over…The Place
– Whedon, Dylan, Silverman

– The Mentaltainment Ticker
– Birthdays, What We
_Watched + tons more

– Cinema PaulieDiso unites
– EMR Segments From The Past (throughout the show)
– A vintage MST3K bit
– So much more, your head will spin!