eMpTy Minds Radio #319 (02-17-2017)

Each week at this time, the EMR Broadcasting System brings you the human story behind the job — a glimpse into the lives and work of the people who keep our everyday world in order: Americans at Work! Tonight, ‘Minds’ presents…but wait a minute. Perhaps a better introduction would be a little scene that took place last week in one of New York’s overcrowded sections. Enjoy episode three-hundred-nineteen, which has absolutely nothing to do with any of that.


The vampires want your blood.
_You can’t always get what you
_want, but they do. You can’t
_always get what you want, 
_but they know – the truth is

_what they want it to be. Drop

_by drop, the camera flash
_casts shadows from their 
_egos. Sing a song like you
_wrote it. Puppets don’t think,
_puppets just dance. Make a 
_face like you mean it.

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