eMpTy Minds Radio #301 (10-14-2016)

Ladies and gentlemen, the element of suspense is so vital to our story tonight, that our sponsors, the makers of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, are omitting their usual commercial message during the intermission between the acts so that our play will go uninterrupted from spooky start to spooky finish. Therefore, let’s give Ken Roberts his forty-five second opportunity right now to extol the merits of that blended, splendid, eh, Ken? Who…who the fuck is Ken Roberts? This is EMR, damnit. Pabst is NOT our sponsor, and we promise no less than three entertaining commercial interruptions. This is three-zero-one, kids. Enjoy!


Laundry day. See you there. 
_Under things tum-b-ling. Wanna
_say “love your hair.” Here I go
_mum-b-ling. With my freeze ray
I will stop – the world. With my
freeze ray, I will find the time 
_to find the words to tell you how.
_How you make. Make me feel.

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