eMpTy Minds Radio #292 (08-12-2016)

Last night everything was routine until I saw her again. We were just winding up the third set when she came in, flanked by the same deadpan gunsel. She sat alone at the same table, ordered the same drink, smoked the same Egyptian deities, Gave me that same loving look. The gunsel as usual nibbled at his drink at the bar, his eyes playing watchdog for the girl. This was the fifth night, four nights running, same girl, same gunsel, same routine. Sit for five solid hours, drink, smoke and work me over with her eyes. Reach down deep for a sigh, and leave with Dead pan right behind her. Well, I didn’t like it. I was beginning to taste salt on my tongue. We went into a finish and the girl looked once at the gunsel, he nodded and started to the stand. Wait. Hold that thought. It’s time for a little EMR. A little EMR we like to call episode two-ninety-two. Enjoy!


He made it look so easy. Patting
_a brush on some canvas, and
_suddenly there was a mountain.

_Then a lake and trees, while 
_mine always came out looking
_like stains. But if I remember
_anything from the end of each 
_show, it was his soft voice 
_reminding us all “there are no
_mistakes, only happy

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