eMpTy Minds Radio #290 (07-29-2016)

At ten o’clock, the sun came out from behind the rain. The house stood alone on a street where all the other houses were rubble and ashes. At night, the ruined town gave off a radioactive glow which could be seen for miles. At ten-fifteen, the garden sprinkler filled the soft morning air with golden fountains. The water tinkled over the charred west side of the house — the side which had been facing the blast. It was black, except in five places. One of the five places was a silhouette of a man mowing a lawn, just as he’d been the instant the radioactivity burned his image into the side of the house. Over there, a woman bent to pick flowers. Through the window — a crack in the curtains, a small recording studio is visible.  A sign on the wall reads: “The All Out Assault On Stupidity & Bullshit!” Welcome to episode two-nine-zero. Enjoy!


I met her out west pumpin’
_diesel, in a town where the 
_sand meets the sea. She was

_leather and snaps, and an 
_old baseball cap, she stole 
_the wild heart from me. So,
_take all your debutante 
_princesses fair, spendid in
_diamonds and pearls. I’d
_trade ’em all in for a kiss on
_the wind, from the lips of
_a gas station girl.

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