eMpTy Minds Radio #285 (06-24-2016)

Through all the years of man’s existence, no matter what he has learned or has been taught from generation to generation, he carries in the innermost depths of his mind a certain fear of the darkness. A fear of the night which is somehow associated with death and in actuality is the fear of death itself. Each of us in our lifetime will probably come into contact with some psychic phenomenon, either directly or indirectly through the experience of a relative or an acquaintance. An experience never to be forgotten, and about such an experience is EMR. Let’s do this together, shall we? Welcome to episode two-eighty-five


Walking back from your house –
_walking on the moon. Feet,
_they hardly touch the ground –

_walking on the moon. My feet
_don’t hardly make no sound –
_walking on, walking on the

– Pay Up, Asshole!
– How Many Fucking Foods Are There?

– Uber Fucked
– Guns For Gas, Cuz Duh!
– Suburban Running Man
– Cocksucking, Motherfucking, Piece of Shit!

– And a whole lot more

– Cinema PaulieDiso show us how its done
– The Wolf Defends Wall Street
– Turbulence!
– Two & A Half Regrets
– Yelchin, Dreadful, Roth, Saldana

– The Mentaltainment Ticker — denied
– Birthdays, What We Watched + tons more

– Tonight we are drinking Bent Paddle Black Ale
– Who has the sign? We do, bitches
– So much more, your head will spin!