eMpTy Minds Radio #249 (10-16-2015)

Adam is unquestionably the finest hat value in America today. Seriously, every Adam, regardless of price, offers outstanding quality in workmanship, choice of material, attention to detail. The style features of Adam are just as remarkable. Tailored in black by experts in an amazing variety of distinctive shapes and shades. Adam hats offer the latest word in smart fashion. No man can afford to neglect the appearance of his head gear, every man can afford an Adam’s! In fact, the only thing more affordable than an Adam’s is this episode of EMR. Enjoy!


Leaning on the shaded wall, he con-
_templates the waterfall.  How it turns
_the wooden wheel, grinds all time, 

_makes things real.  Transfixed by the
_ancestral flow, the man has nowhere
_else to go.  And happy though the flow
_may be, through self created gravity –
_there swim no fish, no children play in
_the cooling shallow grey. 

– 3 PM Vomit
– Republicans Have To Pee Outside
– Finer Points of The Law
– Racist Superman

– And a whole lot more

– Battle Over The Dead Rages On

– Perhaps A Better Day To Die Hard
– Playboy clothed, Moon Knight series, Cobblepot Senior

– Ticker Flashback – A famous breakup
– Birthdays, What We Watched + tons

– An all new Minnesota Vice
– A Techin’ It Up The Ass triple play
– The Fucking Shittiest Halloween Limericks We Could Find
– An all new Five Minute Cinema – “Two Drunk Assholes”
– So much more, your head will spin!