eMpTy Minds Radio #232 (06-19-2015)

Welcome to the world of EMR!  When next we meet, it will be officially summer.  Guess that makes this our last Spring episode of 2015.  Tonight, a smaller than usual crowd as you can see.  In fact, tonight it will be just your two hosts, as the show originally was when we started it nearly five years ago.  It is a rarity, so please do enjoy #232!


Diner, hidden in a cloud of blue
_nicotine, sits near our home 
_serving up greasy burgers and 

_fries.  Diner opened, forever, so
_take your good time.

– The Blair Warlock
– I’ll Stab, You Mop
– Pot Luck
– Mason’s Mystery Removal Museum
– And a whole lot more

– Monkey Wrench In Foo Tour Plans
– LA Museums – The Art of Conservation
– Rob Zombie moves into new genre
– A Ticker Flashback for your enjoyment
– Emma Stone made a rash email decision. Oops.
– Birthdays, What We Watched + tons more

– An all new Adventures of Clamboy & Cucumber – Episode V
– A double-tasting of some real gems on MN Vice
– A cadre of classic EMR bits culled from the very early stuff

– So much more, your head will spin!