eMpTy Minds Radio #227 (05-15-2015)

Wally Kent was the only person there who did not fear the old man. He even admitted to himself that he liked him in a strange sort of way. And that was good, especially as the Sloanes were inclined to be clannish, and Wally intended to propose to Natalie — if he could find her. After having looked everywhere else for her, he finally decided to try episode #227. She had to be there, and if she wasn’t – he knew, at least he would enjoy the shit out of himself.


You woke up this morning, got yourself
_a gun.  Mama always said you’d be the
_chosen one.  She said: you’re one in a

_million, you’ve got to burn to shine.
_But you were born under a bad sign,
_with a blue moon in your eyes. You  
_woke up this morning…

– Giving A Little Bit of Yourself
– Hookups Can Be A Drag
– The Happiest Place On Earth
– He Just Lost It
– And a whole lot more

– Meet The New Boss (Colbert)

– Chan – Goofy & Honest
– Cinema PaulieDiso toils in 1934 controversy
– Lindsay Lohan daycare – our kind of place
– Birthdays, What We Watched + tons more

– A Minnesota Vice tasting
– Knockoff Toys From Hell
– A smattering of EM Pics (on our FB page)

– So much more, your head will spin!